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28 vintage Christmas appetizers you don’t see much anymore

Having a retro party for the holidays? Here are lots of crazy kitschy vintage Christmas appetizers you may want to serve… at your own risk.

Get the delicious original Chex mix recipe from the 60s and 70s (plus 6 vintage variations)

Get seven sassy snack mix how-tos from yesteryear, including the granddaddy of them all: the original Chex mix recipe!

This frosted ribbon sandwich loaf is strictly for company, and simply delicious! Slice through the cream cheese frosting to reveallayers of ham and egg filling.

The first time you surprise your kids with this creamy & cool graham cracker sandwich, they’ll probably ask why you didn’t do it sooner.

Golden Grahams Gold’n Nut Crunch snack mix recipe from the 70s

Get the original Golden Grahams Gold’n Nut Crunch snack mix recipe so you can re-create classic combo of Golden Grahams cereal, nuts, Parmesan cheese, butter and spices for a savory treat.

Under-the-sea Jell-O salad: The popular retro 60s recipe

Here is the 1960s version of Jello’s popular Under-the-Sea salad – a combination of lime gelatin, cream cheese and canned pears – all molded and colorful!

Retro party food: 12 classic cheese ball recipes from the 70s

If you’re having a party, consider these 12 cheese ball recipes! These tidbits provide a good color, taste and texture contrast to other foods, and can be made ahead of time, too — even several days ahead to suit your convenience.

Make a pinecone-shaped cheeseball with almonds the retro way – perfect for a holiday party!

Toast the season’s riches with this snappy pinecone-shaped cheeseball! Formed in a nutshell of crisp, crunchy almonds, its flavor is so scrumptious, your guests will go simply nutty.

How to make an easy olive cheese ball

What could be better to get a holiday party rolling than a creamy, festive olive cheese ball? This recipe comes from the 70s, which was pretty much the golden age of cheese spreads.

Make a turkey cheese ball appetizer (1972)

Use up your extra turkey in a new way – make this tasty turkey cheese ball! It’s a great appetizer for Thanksgiving, or you can use holiday leftovers to make a retro snack with this rich spread.

Jeweled cheese ball: Cheddar-brandy appetizer with slivered almonds (1982)

Originally called a jeweled cheese ball, this retro-style cheddar-brandy cheese ball is so easy to make! It only takes a few minutes to mix and shape. Here’s how.

Frosted layered sandwich loaf (1965)

This frosted sandwich loaf holds asurprisein every layer: curried egg salad, tomato, chicken salad, deviled ham-picklefilling – frosted with a mixture of mayonnaise and cream cheese.

How to make Cheerios snack mix: 1980s recipe for a pizza-flavored party mix

Here’s an easy-to-make recipe for a pizza-flavored Cheerios snack mix! It mixes the cereal with cheese, spices and bits of pepperoni to make a tasty party mix that people will enjoy by the handful.

Celebration sandwich loaf: A layered lunch for a party (1973)

This celebration sandwich loaf comes to you from the 1970s! It’s a stacked sandwich loaf featuring ham, salmon, egg and chicken spreads – each separated by bread, and covered with a cream-cheese mayo frosting.

Hot buttered Cheerios: How to make this super-easy, surprisingly savory snack from the 80s – plus some tasty variations

Hot buttered Cheerios – a quick, easy snack made with Cheerios cereal. Make a bowl right now, and you’ve got Hot Buttered Os – plus 5 variations to try.

Saucy chicken meatballs with cranberry glaze are delish bite-sized appetizers (1977)

Make a double batch of these chicken meatballs with cranberry glaze – serve what you need, and freeze the rest for a spur-of-the-moment party.

Check out these retro Cheez Whiz recipes from their Idea Book (1974)

Get some retro Cheez Whiz recipes for fondue, casserole and other cheezy dishes like ham & rice roll-ups, Mexican bean dip and more.

Gala pimiento-nut dip from the 1960s

This easy pimiento-nut dip recipe comes from the ’60s — the age of co*cktail parties and cute and/or kitschy foods.

Holy guacamole! An ’80s recipe for this divine dip

A wonderful play of taste and texture, this Holy guacamole recipe combines avocados, savory herbs and spices, and just a dash of imagination.

Corn con carne with meatballs recipe (1962)

Corn con carne: Creamed corn makes a sauce for meatballs South of the border fun with good-cooking and good-looking Del Monte Cream Style Corn It’s easy to

Here are four easy retro recipes using packaged Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix – ranch Buffalo wings, nachos, snack mix and a cheese ball – coming to you from 1987!

Chicken ham pinwheels: Pretty sliced appetizers (1969)

Here’s an easy and attractive appetizer recipe from the sixties for chicken ham pinwheels: a meaty oven-baked roll that you slice into pieces, sushi-style.

Those who entertain often or very little face the same dilemma: What to serve as appetizers that are different? Here are some suggestions mushroom appetizer recipes to vary the packaged onion dip-and-potato chip routine!

22 divinely delicious classic deviled egg recipes

The devilied egg is truly an American innovation, Here are 22 different old-fashioned and divinely delicious deviled egg recipes for you to try!

Sunday Dinner recipes: That’s Italian! (1974)

In an Italian home, Sunday Dinner is not just a meal, it’s an experience. The table is laden with good things to eat. And everyone is welcome to pull up a chair.

10 sensational old-fashioned savory mushroom recipes (1912)

The French cooks employ the mushroom quite generally in their work, using them often to replace meats, or merely to flavor, as in soup and sauces.

23 different old-fashioned ways to top your toast (1912)

Here are 23 recipes for different ways to prepare toast – spreads, toppings, cooking techniques and more – for toasted bread, from 1912.

What were these cheesy cheese spread recipes all about? They were appetizers and snacks that creatively-shaped — into a wreath, a chicken (with a tail made out of Fritos corn chips) and a Christmastree.

41 classic egg recipes (1912)

Think you know just about every way to prepare eggs? We bet that at least a couple of the recipes in this collection from 1912 will be new to you. Take a look!

42 popcorn recipes you have probably never tried

Popcorn pie? Macaroni and popcorn? Popcorn omelet? If you thought popcorn balls and cheesy popcorn was the limit of corny creativity, you were wrong. Here are 42 popcorn recipes to try.

Mayonnaise-rich retro Christmas appetizer recipes from 1965

The secret of these retro Christmas appetizer recipes – piping hot and bubbly cheese canapes, cucumber bites, deviled eggs, ham cornucopias and crab dip? Find out!

Here’s how tho make 3 holiday-themed appetizer recipes from the ’60s made with the help of tomato soup: Saucy co*cktail meatballs, Cheese trees & Wreath rollups.

Philly cheese bells: The perfect retro appetizer for your Christmas party

Philly cheese bells are a shaped creamy cheese spread made from Philadelphia Brand cream cheese and spreadable Cracker Barrel cold pack cheese food.

Pinecone cheese ball recipes: A festive 1970s twist on a classic holiday appetizer

These pinecone cheese ball recipes are the ultimate decorative old-school appetizer spread! Find out how to make them here.

Go totally ’70s and make a retro shrimp Christmas tree appetizer for your holiday party! Here’s how

A shrimp Christmas tree appetizer is a scene-stealer and a real buffet beauty, certain to cast a special charm over any holiday party – yet so easy to do! Here’s how.

Boris Karloff’s guacamole recipe: Frankenstein’s monster does the avocado mash (1966)

Anyone who remembers Frankenstein and his monster might think the actors’ favorite recipe would have wolfbane and batwings, but no. Here’s Boris Karloff’s guacamole recipe.

Fruits Royal Hawaiian: A carved pineapple basket with fruit salad inside (1965)

Back in the ’60s, they called this recipe Fruits Royal Hawaiian — a easy-to-carve pineapple basket filled with a luscious fresh fruit salad. Get the how-to here!

Here are four retro recipes for easy appetizers and snacks made with envelopes of Good Seasons Italian Dressing mix!

Garnishes can also be an integral part of a dish. What could be prettier than a carrot larkspur, a turnip narcissus, or a cucumber lily? Or a rose, that by any other name, is a radish, lemon, lime, or tomato?

20 frosted party sandwich loaf recipes to make… or avoid

Nothing says ‘luncheon’ like an old-fashioned frosted party sandwich loaf! And they’re so darn pretty, they can even do double-duty as lunch table centerpieces.

17 refreshing retro watermelon recipes

It’s surprising what you can do with watermelon – cook it, chill it, pickle it – for a side dish, salad, dessert, drink, relish or topping. Here are some great watermelon recipes for you to try!

Holiday hostess tree! A retro-style Christmas tree with meat ornaments (1961)

Trimmed with good-to-eat Oscar Mayer tidbits stuck on with co*cktail picks, this Christmas tree with meat ornaments is sure to be the center of attraction at any holiday buffet.

Fun retro recipes for a really ‘with it’ 1960s dinner party!

’60s dinner party with fondue — the fun party dish! Everyone will have a ball the moment the dunking begins. These exciting party foods show you’re really with it. Plenty — and then some — to feed a crowd. Here’s how!

Winter warmer-uppers: Easy recipes you can make with onion soup mix (1965)

After an outdoorsy afternoon, bring the party inside. Settle down to something warming. Any of these delicious dishes will do fine. They’re super easy because you make them with onion soup mix.

Zesty horseradish dip: Vintage recipe from 1972

This zesty horseradish dip recipe gets its zing from both radishes and horseradish, smoothed into a savory sour cream and beef soup mix base.

You make it in a flash. Just pour an envelope of Lipton onion soup mix into a pint of sour cream. Stir it with a fork… chill. You’ve got it.

Looking for a couple easy recipes you can whip up in minutes? Try these mini-pizzas and tiny cheesecake snacks, with flavorful ingredients stacked on a Triscuit cracker! Ads feature actress Shirley Jones.

20 delicious ways to serve potatoes

There are many ways to turn the humble spuds into a tasty side dish. Here are 20 different ways to serve potatoes, including scalloped, fried, mashed and stuffed!

Cream cheese frittata recipe (1982)

When the eggs are fresh from the farm, and the vegetables are selected with care… isn’t it silly not to use Philly? Philly cream cheese frittata recipe

How to have a retro Hawaiian luau party

Why not go native at your next party with a retro Hawaiian luau party? It’s now officially as American as a New England clambake.

Vintage articles and more in Vintage appetizer and snack recipes at Click Americana (2024)


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